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My Resources
My Resources

Cicero-North Syracuse High School
6002 Route 31
Cicero, NY 13039
(315) 218-4100
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Counseling and Guidance Services

Welcome to the CNS Counseling and Guidance Services Webpage!!


6002 ROUTE 31

CICERO, NY 13039

PHONE: (315) 218-4100

  FAX: (315) 218-4185  


CEEB CODE: 331-378


*There will be an SAT given at CNS High School on Saturday, August 26th. This is a new administration of the test. Go to for registration details and deadlines. 

*Click on the My Resources tab on the left to find important forms and other useful information!!

*Check out the How To Videos Link on the left to watch helpful videos about completing the college application process!!

If you missed our Financial Aid Fact Night Presentation on October 19th and/or our College Course night on January 17th, you can find the PowerPoint Presentations under our Current Information Link.


College Application Time begins in September. Here is the process that should be followed to ensure that colleges receive your application materials in a timely manner:

(1) meet with your school counselor to discuss your plans beyond high school

(2) go into Naviance and add colleges to your "Colleges I Am Applying To" List

(3) go into Naviance and request your letters of recommendation (you will need at least two and you MUST request them in Naviance)

(4) fill out your college applications by either using the Common Application, the SUNY Application, or the application directly on the college website; make sure you fully complete and submit your applications; pay attention to deadlines!

(5) update your resume in Naviance: teachers and counselors can use this information when writing your letters of recommendation

(6) send your SAT and/or ACT scores to your schools: YOU must send your scores; your counselor does NOT send them

(7) complete the PINK sheet: go to your counselor's office and complete a PINK sheet letting your counselor know where you applied (we do NOT send out any transcripts or letters of recommendation until we get your PINK sheet!!)

(8) complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid); this can be completed as early as October 1st of your senior year

(9) wait to hear back from your colleges


Counseling Office Secretaries

Bonnie Scott-House 1 Counseling Office        Phone #: (315) 218-4107 (Heffron, Kesselring, Mack, and Nappi)

Cindy Zinszer-House 2 Counseling Office      Phone #: (315) 218-4207 (Alencewicz, Breindel, Brogan, and Scarcella)


School Counselor List


Sara Mack

BA Psychology (SUNY Geneseo)

MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)

Phone: (315) 218-4126



10th Grade: A-Buq

11th Grade: A-B

12th Grade: A-Carm

Shannon Heffron

BA Psychology (SUNY Potsdam)

MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)

Phone: (315) 218-4120


*Department Chair


10th Grade: Bur-Cod

11th Grade: C

12th Grade: Carr-Coo

Christy Nappi

BA Psychology (Saint Leo University)

MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)

CAS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)

Phone: (315) 218-4127



10th Grade: Coe-Fos

11th Grade: D-Gi

12th Grade: Cor-Ga

Christine Alencewicz

BA Psychology (St. Bonaventure University)

Master of Teaching, Special Education (University of Virginia)

MS Counseling (SUNY Oswego)

Phone: (315) 218-4212



10th Grade: Fot-Kim

11th Grade: Gl-J

12th Grade: Ge-Kel

Eric Breindel

BA Psychology (SUNY Oswego)

MS Counseling (SUNY Oneonta)

Phone: (315) 218-4214



10th Grade: Kin-McB

11th Grade: K-Mer

12th Grade: Ken-Mil

Michelle Scarcella

BS Psychology (SUNY Brockport)

MS Counseling (Canisius College)

Phone: (315) 218-4211



10th Grade: McC-Pik

11th Grade: Mes-P

12th Grade: Mir-Re

Sean Kesselring

BS Secondary Education (SUNY Oswego)

MS Counseling (SUNY Oswego)

Phone: (315) 218-4312



10th Grade: Pil-Sn

11th Grade: Pr-So

12th Grade: Ri-S

Suzanne Brogan

BS Business Administration (College of St. Rose)

MS Counseling (SUNY Oswego)

Phone: (315) 218-4311



10th Grade: So-Z

11th Grade: Sp-Z

12th Grade: T-Z

Social Worker: Lyra Couillard     Phone # (315) 218-4213     email:

Student Assistance Counselor: Susan Allington     Phone # (315) 218-4125     email:

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