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Students hold successful "Spring into Savings" event at Cicero Elementary School

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K-4 students in the North Syracuse Central School District recently had the opportunity to learn about finance in a fun way. C-NS High School students in the Money and Banking classes and Northstars Branch Board Members, in cooperation with CORE Federal Credit Union, hosted a district-wide “SPRING INTO SAVINGS” financial literacy event at Cicero Elementary School on Friday, May 5.

The students created carnival style games, all focusing on financial literacy. After successfully completing each game students earned play money and were able to exchange it for fun prizes.

There were a variety of games including “Wheel Your Debt Away” and “Spring Cleaning.” The games dealt with financial topics, presenting them in a fun, child-friendly way. Skills taught by the games included money identification, achieving a goal of saving, how to fill out a check, basic budgeting and the pitfalls of gambling.

The event was free for families to attend and included complimentary snacks and a pizza dinner.

The SPRING INTO SAVINGS fun fair was a part of the ongoing cooperative effort between the North Syracuse School District and CORE Federal Credit Union to promote financial education. Over the past few years the district and credit union have hosted a variety of financial literacy programs to help increase financial knowledge and promote good savings habits among students. Other programs include a high school student run credit union.

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