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Students attend "Expanding Your Horizons" program at Cornell University

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On April 15, 2017 a group of girls from the North Syracuse Central School District traveled to Cornell University to participate in their Expanding Your Horizons program. This is a program designed for girls from 7th grade through 9th grade. Each participant was able to choose three workshops, out of a very long list of workshops made available.

Descriptions of some of the workshops our students attended are below.

Googling with Paper Airplanes! - For students who have ever wondered how the internet works and how communications travel from one place to the next. In this workshop paper planes are used to demonstrate how the internet works.

Holey Cow - In this workshop students got to put their hands inside a live cow!! Sunshine was very well behaved as we discovered how the cow’s stomach digests food. Being able to observe the food as it gets digested helps in raising healthy cows.

Reverse your Taste buds - A miracle berry is a fruit that will trick your taste buds! Sweet foods become sour foods! Discover the science behind taste and the biochemical signaling events that make it all possible.

The Ooey Gooey Science of Slime - Students were able to make their own goo and learn about the properties of the squishy polymers. The students were able to explore the chemistry of polymerization, and describe the effects of temperature on your ooey gooey slime. Join us as we stretch, squish, and squeeze slime in the most fun scientific experiment investigating the temperature-dependent properties of polymer elasticity!

Tree-Ring Time Detectives - Tree rings tell you a lot about history. They can tell you about the history of the tree and how old it is but they can also tell you about the climate at that time, what the environment was like, etc.

Students were given some souvenirs to remember the day. These included a T-shirt and a shoulder bag so that they could carry any of the items made during their day from the workshops they attended.

Everyone had a great time! It was an exciting day!

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