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SchoolMessenger's InfoCenter can help manage communications

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In an effort to provide customized school/district to home communications with our families, the North Syracuse Central School District is now utilizing SchoolMessenger's InfoCenter. The system gives parents, guardians, staff and students the ability to control the types of messages they receive.

Through InfoCenter, users can view their student associations, access current and past messages and edit the ways they receive information. To ensure the integrity of student data, users cannot enter or remove phone numbers or change email addresses but they can opt out of or into message categories.

Changes to contact information (phone numbers/email addresses) must be made through the student's school. Any parents/guardians that previously requested changes to their SchoolMessenger account by email or phone have been reset to the system defaults and can now manage their settings on their own. InfoCenter is available on your computer or as a mobile app.

Click the link below to access InfoCenter on your computer. To access the system for the first time, click the "Sign-Up" link at the top right and enter your school or district-registered email address (the same one you use for SchoolTool) and CREATE a password. You will then receive a verification email. Copy the verification code from your email and go back to your website window and enter your code.

PLEASE NOTE: If multiple parents/guardians in a household are associated with a phone number at which you do not want to receive calls, BOTH/ALL parents/guardians must sign up for InfoCenter and remove the check mark next to the phone number in order for it not to get calls.

The SchoolMessenger InfoCenter app is also available on mobile devices through the App Store on Apple devices or Google Play on Android devices.

There is no charge for InfoCenter and any parent/guardian with a registered school/district email address and internet access is able to access their information.

Click the FAQ sheet below to find out more about InfoCenter, including instructions to sign up.

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