North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212


 Welcome to the 


Fitness Center




School Hours



Monday – Friday


3:00PM – 5:00PM
CNS Weight Room facilities are for CNS students only . 

Open Monday- Thursday 

Monday June 27th thru August 18 (closed JULY 4th and 5th for Holiday)
Hours 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm


Fitness Center is open to all current students, staff and current college students who are alumni of C-NS HS.

 College Students should bring current college ID and drivers license for verification.

To ensure safety, all students should be trained by before using the weight room equipment.


General Guidelines for Fitness and Athletics


1.    Determine your fitness or athletic performance goals

2.    Ask for help! We are available Monday-Friday to help students set up exercise programs- ASK US!  We can help find a program that meets your needs

3.    Your program should include a warm-up, stretching, resistance exercise, cardiovascular activity, and stretching again – in that order

4.    Learn and practice good form and spotting techniques to avoid injuries

5.    Remember rest and nutrition are as important as training

6.    Make healthy nutrition choices to enhance performance, overall health, and body composition

(for more information on nutrition please refer to the nutrition link on this site)




Fitness Room Rules

Nutrition for Fitness/Athlete

Fitness Room Staff

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