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8th/9th Grade Baseball Team




8th/9th Grade Team

8th/9th Grade Coach: Mike Lucia - mlucia@nscsd.org

***Thank you players for your hard work and dedication throughout the season and way to finish the season playing your best baseball***


***Thank you parents for your support of the team throughout the season***


***Thank you to all of the parents and players that made the 2015 Hitting Derby a great success!!!***



8/9 Grade Baseball Schedule - 2015

(Updated 5/29/15)

Blue - Home     Green - Away

 Season is Complete.



2015 Season Recap


Game 1 Recap - CNS  1  West Genesee 4

- On a picture perfect day for a home opener, the visiting Wildcats silenced the Northstars bats by tossing a one hitter while plating four runs of their own on nine hits.

Pitch Count:  DelVecchio - 50 (1st pitch balls/strikes 6/11)    Wieczorek - 52 (10/6)


Game 2 Recap - CNS  8   F-M  7

- Throughout the various snow bands that crossed North Syracuse Junior High School, the Northstars kept their energy and enthusiasm high as a first inning, six run, six hit explosion fueled the team to a hard fought victory over the visiting Hornets in the six-inning contest.


Pitch Count:  Emm - 69 (1st pitch balls/strikes 5/13)  DeGroot - 32 (5/4)


Game 3 Recap - CNS  3     Liverpool  12

- On a perfect day for baseball, the Northstars took to the road for the first time and the host Warriors were not hospitable to the visitors as they pounded 15 hits throughout the seven inning contest.  The Northstars will turn it around quickly as they take the trip out to Auburn HS the following day.

Pitch Count:  DelVecchio - 68     Alberici - 60


Game 4 Recap - CNS  8     Auburn  1

- The visiting Northstars shrugged off the road defeat from the day before and led by a four run second inning, woke the bats up plating eight runs in the seven inning contest.  The pitching staff held the Maroons to a single run in the bottom of the seventh and two hits total.

Pitch Count:   Wieczorek (1st pitch balls/strikes - 2/15) - 49     Taladay (5/5)- 32


Game 5 Recap - Scrimmage vs Bville

- On the road again, the Northstars played good baseball during the seven inning scrimmage while three different pitchers threw effectively.

Pitch Count:  O'Connell - 27     Emm - 43     Gesser - 29


Game 6 Recap - CNS  0     West Genesee  2

- Despite a much better execution of the game plan at the plate and in the field from the previous meeting, it was not quite enough to overtake the Wildcats who went on to prevail by scoring a single earned run in the 4th and an unearned run in the 5th.  The Northstars could not get the timely hit as 11 runners were stranded while the pitching staff scattered eight hits throughout the seven inning contest.

Pitch Count:  Alberici - 63 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 7/13)  DeGroot - 36 (5/6)


Game 7 Recap - CNS  2     Baldwinsville  3

- Once again, the timely hit avoided the Northstars as the bases were left loaded in the 6th and a runner left on third in the 7th.  The Northstars pitching staff and defense held the Bees scoreless through five innings allowing three runs in the 6th before mounting a comeback in the 7th only to fall short by a single run.

Pitch Count:  DelVecchio - 68 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 7/13)  Wieczorek - 43 (3/10)


Game 8 Recap - CNS 1     RFA  6

- Despite the Northstars loading the bases in four out of the seven innings, only one run was pushed across the plate on a blustery day at the Junior High School front field.  The bounces went the Black Knights way as the pitching staff scattered eight hits throughout the seven inning contest.

Pitch Count:  Emm - 67 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 8/10) DeGroot - 60 (10/8)


Game 9 Recap - CNS 0     F-M  6

- Playing on the varsity field at F-M on a picture perfect afternoon, the Northstars could not avoid the disastrous one inning collapse as the Hornets plated four runs in the bottom of the third in route to a 6-0 victory over the visitors.  The pitching staff kept the Northstars in the game by yielding only 6 hits over the seven inning contest.

Pitch Count:  DelVecchio - 58 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 5/14)   Alberici - 37 (6/5)


Game 10 Recap - CNS  5     Liverpool 11

- Tuesday's game brought much better results for the home team, but it was not enough to hold off the twelve hit attack from the Warriors on the front field at the Junior High School.  The Northstars took a simple approach at the plate and it paid off with five runs on eight hits.  The team hopes to keep the offensive momentum going when it finishes the season home against Auburn and at Rome.

Pitch Count:  Wieczorek - 75 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 5/10)    Emm - 77 (7/13)


Game 11 Recap - CNS  8      Auburn  3

- Playing in its final home game, the Northstars put together a solid all-around game in defeating the visiting Maroons on the front field of the Junior High School.  At the plate, the home team pounded a season high 15 hits while the pitching staff scattered nine Auburn hits in the seven inning contest.

Pitch Count:  DeGroot - 51 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 4/16)    Alberici - 43 (5/7)     Wieczorek - 10 (2/1)


Game 12 Recap - CNS  3     RFA  2

- The final game of the season was the finest display of baseball put forth by the Northstars as they ended the season on a high note at DeLutis Field by defeating the Black Knights by a score of 3-2.   After scratching across three runs in the first three innings, the highlight came when the pitching staff and defense held Rome scoreless in the bottom of the 7th with runners on 1st and 3rd and none out.

Pitch Count:  DelVecchio - 52 (1st Pitch Balls/Strikes - 8/8)     Emm - 44 (3/10)

8/9 Grade Baseball Roster – 2015

Player                             Grade                    Position                     #

Alberici, Kyle                      9                          LF/P                        21

Copani, Corey                    8                           2nd                        4

DeGroot, Joe                      9                          1st/P                      10

DelVecchio, Justin               8                          1st/P                      35

Emm, Zachary                    9                          SS/P                      24

Gesser, Dylan                     9                           RF                        42

Gonzalski, Conner               8                           3rd                       25

Kowalewski, Christopher      9                           C                          23

Mallaro, Joseph                   9                           CF                        17

Middleton, Chuck                9                           CF                         3

Nesci, RJ                            8                          SS                         15

O'Connell, Michael               9                           C                          12

Scarcella, Jake                    9                          2nd                        11

Spicer, Reis                        9                           1st                        40

Taladay, Tim                      8                          3rd/P                      27

Weber, Nicholas                  9                           LF                         13

Wieczorek, Michael              8                          LF/P                       9



Weekly Schedule

- Monday - End of Season

- Tuesday - End of Season

- Wednesday - End of Season

- Thursday - End of Season

- Friday - End of Season

- Saturday - End of Season



"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."

- John Wooden






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