North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Mission Statement & District Goals


North Syracuse Central School District 2013-2018 District Goals 

1. Increase student achievement to prepare our students for college and careers in a global economy
  • Integrate the Common Core Learning Standards to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learner 
  • Increase the capacity and utilization of effective instructional practices through 
o student engagement
o questioning techniques
o differentiation
o synthesis/critical thinking/problem solving
o formative assessment and feedback
o technology integration

2. Foster a supportive culture and environment amongst all members of our school community
  • Demonstrate mutual respect at all times
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration
  • Cultivate trust through consistent actions  
  • Explore innovative strategies for using time 
  • Maintain and promote a safe environment   

3. Provide fiscal stability to support student learning
  • Prepare a balanced budget in a timely manner, transparent in its development and understood by all constituents
  • Be accountable for utilizing all resources appropriately in accordance with state and federal requirements
  • Maximize state aid and grant funds