North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Public Information

Public Information

The North Syracuse Central School District Communications Office is located at the Jerome F. Melvin Administrative Office Building (5355 West Taft Road) in North Syracuse. The district employs a part-time School Information Officer to assist us in letting our staff, students, families and the community know about the great things happening here in the North Syracuse Central School District.

We have several methods of communicating with our various audiences:

The goal of the district's communications office is to be the first and best source of information about our schools, students, teachers and staff and to provide avenues of communication between the district and its students, staff, and residents.

If you have a story idea, would like to request coverage of an event, or have questions about the district web site, please contact the district's School Information Officer, Laurie Cook at 218-2190 or lcook@nscsd.org.

About District Alerts (SchoolMessenger)

If you have a child enrolled at one of our schools, you will automatically receive phone call, email and text alerts pertaining to that school and will receive some district-wide messages. Different messages are sent out in various alert formats. The chart below provides an explanation of how various messages are typically ­communicated with families and community members. To control the types of messages you receive from the district, please use SchoolMessenger's InfoCenter.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on signing up for InfoCenter.

School Hours Emergency: Messages will only be sent in this category if there is an absolute ­emergency at one of our schools or buildings. If the emergency is specific to one building, only students/staff at the impacted building will receive the alert.

Non-school Hours Emergency: Unplanned school closings/delays and event ­cancellations unrelated to weather or an emergency at a building that happens ­outside of school hours.

Attendance: Parents/guardians will receive these types of messages when their child is out of school or tardy without notifying the school in advance.

Weather Event: Closings or delays because of weather events.

Foodservice: Parents/guardians will receive these types of messages when their child has a low or negative meal plan ­balance.

School and District News: Messages sent in this category include school and district newsletters, non-emergency notices, reminders of half days or scheduled days off, school and district event reminders (including athletic events if provided), and any district or school news.

General (fundraisers):  Messages in this category are typically sent at the request of NSCSD-­affiliated booster clubs and PTOs asking for the information to be ­distributed to our families for the purpose of gaining support for their ­programs.

*Athletic News (must opt in): The Athletics Department sends a weekly newsletter with highlights and news about upcoming events. If you want to receive the newsletter, you can opt-in to this category with SchoolMessenger’s InfoCenter.

* Parents/guardians may opt in to receive text messages to the wireless number(s) the district has on file by texting YES to #67587 from the cell phone on file. ­Contact your child’s school if you need to add or change a phone number. *Staff can opt-in by ­entering their wireless number in WinCap. The wireless device will then receive an ­opt-in confirmation ­message to verify that it will be receiving text messages from the district.

PLEASE NOTE: If multiple parents/guardians in a household are associated with a phone number at which you do not want to receive calls, BOTH/ALL parents/guardians must sign up for InfoCenter and remove the check mark next to the phone number in order for it not to get calls.

Board of Education policy 1100 is in place to address public information in the district. Please review the policy and/or the accompanying administrative guidelines and procedures regarding public information matters.

During the school year, your child may have the opportunity to have his/her photo taken, video image and voice recorded, and/or art and written work published in connection with a school district activity or program. Your child’s photo (image,) school work and/or name may be published in local newspapers, posted (displayed) on the district’s internet site, or used by the requesting organization (local TV or print media) for programming, i.e., backup and their news stories. If you DO NOT want your child’s picture, name or schoolwork to be used in newspaper articles, video, and/or district publications, including our district’s website, please inform your school principal in writing.



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